Monday, February 14, 2005

Congratulations to Los Del Rio for their Lifetime Achievement Award last night

TBogg's takedown of the Grammys is nice (esp. his nod to the '97 show). I only saw the last 2 hours. Quick hits:

Across the Universe looked unrehearsed, and not good. They were tripping over each other. And can't the recording industry all chip in to keep Scott Weiland out of the public eye? This show needed more Duff.

Kanye overdid his performance. Isn't there something odd whining about how nobody'll play Jesus Walks ("let them take away from my spins ... ends") while on the music industry's biggest stage? They needed more Blind Boys, less Staples Singers too.

I don't like Melissa Etheridge's music much at all, but her performance must be noted. She shouldn't be strong enough to perform like that. Respect. Also, no fan of Joss Stone, really, but she has to be a better Janis Joplin than Pink. Unless the movie's about how shitty contemporary music is.

Queen Latifah would've been watchable if she rode in on a chopper and killed with U.N.I.T.Y. She wasn't.

Green Day and U2 were even let-downs. I need lower expectations for award shows.