Sunday, February 20, 2005

For those of you in the ATL with nostalgia from 2 years ago

The Denver Post has been doing some grade A journalism this week covering the NBA All Star Game. Some truly stellar stuff in here. A sampling:

1. A thought provoking piece on the line outside Serengeti. Here's an excellent line:

Another man, a white guy with a shaved head, tried cutting in front and was accosted, “You powder-looking mother******, you’re not getting in front of me … Maybe your Mapquest is broken, ‘cause you in the wrong hood.”

2. The Saturday night scene featured the ATL representing (Luda, TI, TLC) and apparently DJ Jazzy Jeff is still alive.

3. The P. Diddy party as related by a music critic. Check this out:

KS-107.5’s Cat Collins walked by and said, “If you didn’t know, that’s Busta Rhymes behind you.” Sure enough, right there larger than life, is B to the u wearing mad white-and-black fur and denim head to toe. His hat masks his hair, but look underneath and there’s his signature gnarl. Immediately I think back to the last time I saw Diddy in concert and how lame it was that Busta made an “appearance” via video to go along with their duet-smash “Pass the Courvesier” and how it amplified even more how tracked-out these modern hip-hop shows are. Lame. But still, having B to the u right here in front of you’s alright.

4. 'Melo's Party and some other stuff. This requires widespread dissemination:

Fashion highlights in the crowd included six-inch, multi-strand chandelier earrings, rhinestone-encrusted dollar sign sunglasses, a Gucci-print suit and a belt buckle with electronic stock ticker lettering that read: “Gs Up Hos Down.”

5. More celebrity spotting. Cousin Eddie was seen outside Marcus Camby's house emptying the septic tank while Dr. J created a future Wimbledon semifinalist. And apparently Doug E. Fresh still performs. Meanwhile Brandy continually veers to the left due to the boulder attached to her hand.

(Hat tip to Chris Ballard at CNNSi.)