Saturday, February 19, 2005

Movie, Bitch. Get Out The Way

1. Secret Window: I liked this a lot more than I probably should have. As a big Turturro fan, I was pretty surprised to see him acted off the screen by Depp. I need to re-evaluate my view of Depp. I've always liked him, but I've never considered him in the Pantheon. He was fantastic in Pirates of the Caribbean, but I just wasn't sold on his early stuff. This was a pretty standard movie, but Depp elevated it with a really funny performance. Steak Knife.

2. The Battle of Algiers: Not sure if it's as important as the hype suggests. I also doubt Rumsfeld actually screened it before the Iraq War began (I mean, isn't the point of it that you can't just take out the leaders because they get replaced?). If he did, he left before the end. The terrorist images, while I'm sure shocking for 1965, lose a little potency when compared to the last 2 years of CNN coverage. And I think that says less about the film and more about the present. Glad I saw it, but not essential viewing. You can probably get more out of a review of it. You're Fired.