Saturday, February 26, 2005

Movie, Bitch. Get Out The Way

1. Million Dollar Baby: Decent, but I have a few quibbles. The Freeman narration is unnecessary. Swank is the only actress who could have pulled off the role, but I'm not exactly sure that means it's objectively a great performance. She's good, but kind of a stereotype too. Eastwood's character I had the most problems with. The unanswered questions of his past don't work. A good movie, but not the Best Picture. Steak knife.

2. The Aviator: Expectations are a funny thing. Walking in I was expecting too long and boring at times. Instead I found it engaging, funny, exciting and always interesting. Scorsese's direction might be the best I've seen of his (the last act doesn't fall apart like he's prone to let it). Leo's best performance so far. Cate Blanchett nailed everything I can't stand about Hepburn (bring it, Hillary). The in flight sequences deserve great praise. Cadillac.