Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ticker Tape Parade in Charlotte Imminent

ESPN's SportsNation ranks all pro franchises with a complicated method and stuff. Falcons and Braves are a little higher than I expected. Hawks, surprisingly aren't in last place (they're second to last).

The thing that makes no sense is the "Championships" section. I'm guessing they're looking at the past couple of years and the possibility of one in the next year or so. Of course, it makes perfect sense that the Charlotte Bobcats are slotted ahead of 35 other teams. Teams whose championship prowess is behind Charlotte: Last year's NL runners up; A team 6 inches from the AFC Championship; An NBA playoff team from last year; An AL team eliminated on the last weekend last year; An NL team who 16 months ago was 6 outs from the World Series.

Sure, the future of the NBA looks brighter in Charlotte than in ATL, but the methodology seems a bit off.