Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A couple of new links

Over the past few days I've been linked to by a few blogs. As a rookie to all this, my mind is pretty blown. I thought only a few people would ever read this, and it'd be a cathartic experience for me and capture a record of my thoughts. The fact that people from way across the country read this and have taken the time to link and blogroll me just baffles the mind. I'm still pretty shitty at all this, so knowing that people are reading this makes me somewhat embarrassed...

On the other hand, I think this blogging world is pretty great at bringing people together, and I'm really glad to have stumbled on new sites. It seems like there's a whole world of people interested in calling out douchebags, mocking commercials and commenting on dumbass sports personalities.

And therefore, I've added Norbizness to the notable record, because HFPST is much more than a politics blog (and one of my reasons for starting to blog). I've also added Drew's Scamboogah!! to the notables, and you should definitely take a look around. The Pardon the Eruption site is great too. Makes me jealous of people who actually can design a site and don't just rely on a form template.

So stop reading this mediocre blog and read something professional. And check out Thighs Wide Shut too. Some spectacular links there.