Thursday, March 10, 2005

Don't they know NASCAR drivers only go left?

Tidbit from today's AJC Political Insider:

"Pfizer, Inc., spent $1,148 on Daytona 500 tickets for seven influential Republican lawmakers, according to records lodged with the state Ethics Commission.


On Thursday, we ran into state Rep. Calvin Smyre (D-Columbus), the former chairman of the House rules committee.
He offered Republicans some free advice: A) Never close down the Legislature for a junket. "It looks bad," Smyre said; B) Avoid junkets while ethics legislation is pending, for the same reason; and B) Always make sure you carry insurance against a partisan smear. "We always made sure we brought one Republican along," he said."

I've got some free advice for local Democrats: B) Don't give the other side advice (they don't care what you think) and B) When painting the other side as corrupt, try not to paint yourself as corrupt. Nice how taking gifts from corporate masters isn't considered bad form, but those who speak against the bribery are acting out a "partisan smear." Might it be time for a less jaded political sleuth at the AJC?