Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Droopy Dog Watch 3

Well, Pedro carries water for Bud Selig a little bit, sort of. Based on the evidence Gammons lays out, I don't see how he can say "So Selig didn't know."

Also, is there really a legal cause of action for naming "off the record" sources? I mean, it's not libel. Breach of oral contract? What damages? Maybe you won't get another person to talk to you ever again, but what's the lawsuit? Maybe I need to talk to a lawyer.

I'll give credit to Gammons for his line semi-defending Canseco from people saying he's only out to make a buck.

The argument that every era deserves an asterisk (or that any asterisks are silly) has been hashed out by better writers before.

Love the last paragraph shoutout to Griffey. Guess Junior just needed a few more of Peter's headbobs to bust a nut.