Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Go ahead and make fun of my world map shower curtain, but I know my geography.

This guy learned a tougher lesson. Err, lessons...

1) Don't rob Pizza Huts in Arkansas. They ain't forget nuthin.
2) A bus ride from LA to North Dakota has to suck.
3) Manitoba isn't near Quebec.

He says they're still in love, but what about when she finds out you're a fingerless, toeless freak? The O Henry in me hopes they met through a foot fetish site.

And what do you bet that this guy really used the line "my girlfriend lives in Canada, uhh uhh you don't know her." My friends never believed me about Madeleine, either. I met her in camp. She's way hot and stuff and totally into Crue. No, you wouldn't know her.