Saturday, March 12, 2005

Intern Sandman

Another set of candidates whittled by Simmons. My pick gets the boot this round. Oh well.


Bank: Moves into the upper echelon. The Coconut Banger's Ball is the best SNL pick.
Bell: This must've been a mistake. Terrible, unfunny.
Cott: Strong entry. Adam's rap is a great choice.
Levine: Learn how to edit, dude. And try answering the last question. Cut.
MacDonald: Mediocre entry. Choices are kind of obvious.
Renee: Ehh. Nothing to write home about.
Williams: Not as good as Bank or Cott. It's "Come on" not "won't you" be my baby tonight.

Luckham: Erred by choosing a sports related SNL skit. Those are rarely funny. Bad scandal too. Choked.
Silva: Should've been cut in the first round.
Spitzer: Mediocre. Choked.
Wainscott: Biggest choke of all. In previous rounds, he showed a more sophisticated sense of humor. Here, that disappears.

General comments:
Who knew that many people even saw Meet Joe Black?
Save a couple exceptions, the humor is much more lowbrow in this round. That ain't good.
I think he might've chosen just based on the SNL question.

Cott 3-1
Bank 3-1
Williams 5-1
Renee 15-1
MacDonald 17-1
Levine 20-1
Bell 25-1