Monday, March 28, 2005

Quickly, Niftily.

Blogger is giving me some shit, so I'll throw these posts together.

1. Hawks lose again. Awesome. 2 more eliminated, and now only Charlotte, New Orleans and Utah can take what is rightfully the Hawks. And nobody deserves to waste a higher draft pick more than the Hawks. Rock on.

2. Inferno II Update: The challenge was weak. The inferno game was awesome (in the words of the General "they're stealing ideas from Three Amigos!"). Line of the night: "You F with me, I'm gonna f you harder" - Beth S, which makes me throw up in my mouth. Why do they not focus more on Darrell. Highlight: Julie's prayer asking God to help them sin. Rad.

3. So, on the show after the Inferno (travel with celebrities), the Lady and the General are surprised that the Sherpa guide's name is actually Sherpa. I tell them that all the sherpas are in fact Sherpas (which I'm not really sure of, but I think I remember hearing). General knows a guy from Sudan whose last name is Deng and he happens to be in the same tribe as Luol Deng (big dude, Hawks should've drafted but Billy Knight is stubborn). Just imagine if everyone in Atlanta were a Douchebag. It'd be Boston then. Har Har Har.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker sucks.

5. Lobsterfest was enjoyably drunk. Introduced the family to Je Suis France's Tittania. I Love LA and Thank You For Being A Friend got the biggest response (as in the most family members singing along). Rewatched Anchorman. Still funny, but not getting better with viewings.

6. I encourage Hillary and everyone else to read Don Quixote. It'd be my first desert island choice.

7. In determining when the Simpsons jumped the shark, I think it's important to consider that inanity, outlandishness, and surreality do not necessarily make the show bad. Some of the best Simpsons episodes include all of that. I think the problem with the show is that there are so many classic episodes that the rest just pale in comparison. And it was like that even in the beginning. Every episode where Lisa is the focus blows, and that goes back to like the second season. Anyway, jumping the shark is fluid. The show is like an athlete in the twilight of his career. You still watch because of how great it was and you know it's capable of hitting a home run, even if it isn't as consistent or great as it used to be. Luckily there'll be others. Anyone who thinks the jumping was the chili cookoff episode can lick the taint though.

8. The interviews with the US MNT make them sound kind of pissed at a defense first approach in Azteca. Guatemala, who played a great game Saturday, I get the feeling will suffer Wednesday.

9. Andruw Cerrano has been looking pretty good. No curveballs please.

10. Furman Bisher's column on Sunday: "A stain that will never wash out." Depends, dude.

11. Venti McStarfucker tells us all about chilling at a pool and dining with other SI writers. Two columns a week in the offseason covering Jerry Jones' wax jobs and Al Davis' stool samples, and come August he'll go to Cape Cod for a full month. Useless.

And that's about enough for now. I hope this posts.