Sunday, March 06, 2005

Random baseball thoughts

1. Story on SportsCenter this morning on the Nationals made me think baseball in DC is a good idea, but that they're going to suck this year. Any team seriously relying on Jose Guillen to be a leader is not going anywhere.

2. Saw a highlight of a Brewers Graprefruit game today. Prince Fielder looks freaking huge. I might be wrong about them. They might spring up and take fourth. I do think Ned Yost will end up being a very good manager.

3. I'd be remiss not to comment on Barry Bonds' testicles. Never thought I'd write that. "They're the same and work just the same as they always have." He's right. He's also no bigger a dick today than he was ten years ago.

4. This interview with Mike Schmidt is worth reading. I agree with him about HOF candidates getting judged against their peers and not just statistical thresholds. I think he's wrong when he says steroids have nothing to do with the increased power in baseball. I think all the things he mentions as well as steroids have changed baseball.