Monday, March 21, 2005

Several good laughs within a minute...

Channel surfing the basic cable can be extremely fun.

First, while catching some of the Hawks-Bulls game on Turner South, I caught this year's "My South, My Game, My Team, Go Braves" commercial. Last year featured the incomparable Cee-Lo (and one day I may dedicate a post or 12 to My Super Sweet 16 ). This year, Travis Tritt. And it's pretty spectacular. T Squared is apparently losing his hair on top, so slap on a hat, let it grow long in the back... The song is spectacular, though I think he samples "Shake Ya Tailfeather".

Next we flip to TLC's Town Haul, which is now remodeling the town of Laurens, SC. According to a friend who's from there "they haven't fixed a damn thing." Anyway, we see an older African American chilling with college age Sratgirl-type twins (Babs and Dabs - and I'm not kidding). B/Dabs says that you can tell them apart because "my butt's bigger." The older gentleman seems to appreciate that. They share a moment of fun when he can't tell them apart. Then they can't remember his name, which the gentleman says doesn't matter because everyone calls him "The Chocolate Cowboy." I don't think I was paying enough attention to tell if they fixed anything.

And finally, I see that one talentless pair of sisters wasn't enough, so the makers of Icebreakers Liquid Ice have now enlisted Haylie and Hilary Duff. I guess they built her a cake or something.