Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II is dead.

The Pope has died. Let him rest in peace. I truly hope that the next Pope will be as strong an advocate for caring for the poor (especially in third world nations) and for bringing peace to the world. John Paul II was the only Pope I've known. I remember his ability to move people.

The idea that the passing of the Pontiff should be used as another battlefield in the culture wars sickens me. The other night Shepard Smith on Fox called the Pope a symbol of "moderation and conservatism". Literally within minutes after his death, Victor L. Wilson of the AP wrote of the Pope's "back-to-basics conservatism". Frankly, if the Pope's political leanings are of such note, they ought mention his hostile approach to all war and his vocal opposition to the capitalism's treatment of the poor. The Pope cared for ALL people, and his was a voice of Catholic doctrine (of which I have some disagreements), not any side's political leanings.

The opportunism of some is downright appalling. Let the man rest, let the followers mourn.