Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Running low... didn't want to do this... ahh screw it... Starship Internprise

Crunch time, bitches. Simmons brings in Kimmel to give three questions I think Simmons actually came up with. The TV Judge question seems way too "I don't have to go to work in an office".

Anyway... let's go back to the shorter method, but this time what was going through each's mind.

Bank: Having an operable TV might be a job requirement for this... uhh... Ice Man!!! Old School NBA!!!
Cott: I'm kicking everyone else's ass this round and you freaking know it.
Levine: Gotta do better than last time... better use more NBA references. And make fun of foreign women while I'm at it.
MacDonald: I now know better than to talk about sports. And that's why you're welcome.
Renee: I'm overconfident.

If I'm choosing, it's over. Cott is the intern. Bank choked bad this time. Levine stepped up and did well enough to take second. Renee in a hubristic 4th. MacDonald should never have made it this far.

Cott, congratulations. You can be the Douchebag Intern if he doesn't take you. Mostly just for the Nique take and a shot at law school. And the Selleck stache reference.