Wednesday, April 06, 2005

UEFA Cup Diverticulitis!

Diverticulitis: What the hell, Magglio?

Anyway, so far I'm 16/46 right result, 4 right scorelines, 12/23 right advancing.

Newcastle United v. Sporting Lisbon: 1-1, Sporting advance. I've been high on Newcastle in this cup for a while, thinking they have the talent there. Last weekend was too much, though. It's not the fighting within (I bet Dyer and Bowyer are laughing about it, along with the rest of the team), it's having to answer the questions nonstop. They might get a win here, but I don't see them advancing against a team as strong as Sporting.

CSKA Moscow v. Auxerre: 2-1, Auxerre advance. Toughest pick among the advancing choices. CSKA could get an insurmountable lead tomorrow, but I just think Auxerre has a little more talent.

FK Austria Wien v. Parma: 0-1, Parma advance. Parma doesn't score much, and I've been wrong about Austria every round. Why stop now? I like Parma to get to the final, so I'll stick with them.

Villareal v. AZ Alkmaar: 1-1, AZ advance. Changed my mind from my first impression. AZ impressed me last round, moreso than Villareal. I see this as their coming out party.