Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Champions' League Debriefing

Today's match is pretty much incredible. For the American viewers, imagine a Super Bowl where the New England Patriots were playing against a decent but not great team, like a wild card team or something, say the Seahawks. Now say the Patriots get up 35-0 at halftime, firing on all cylinders and stopping everything the Seahawks did. But the Seahawks come back and win. Seriously, there is no comparison to anything I've seen in American sport, definitely not on this kind of stage. Maybe the Red Sox-Yankees series last year (because Milan is somewhat comparable to the Yankees), but Liverpool is not nearly as good a team as the Red Sox were. Just a fantastic way to end the year.

Here's how I did (and I'm counting yesterday's pick as correct, bitches) for the season:

11/29 right result, 3 right scorelines, 5/11 right advancing. Weak. Next year I'm going the whole year long though.