Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Droopy Dog Watch

Haven't done it in a while, and I don't want to disappoint you bastards.

This week's article is all about roids and Peter has to make sure his sources/buttbuddies aren'g getting any smears and shit.

Here's the count:
Juan Rincon (against actual, y'know, evidence)
But not Derrick Turnbow. Note to the Brew Crew - better order more knee pads.

Then Peter spends a good portion on clutch hitting (even the sidebar talks about how Renteria might be the best clutch hitter in the game - note, as a fantasy owner of Renteria, this is utter bullshit and covering for Epstein who overpaid for Renteria when he could've had Cabrera for less). Interesting chart on driving in runs from 3rd with less than two out. I'm surprised that the A's are at the bottom (well, sort of... I'm a Chavez owner and he hasn't driven in anyone all year). Also interesting is how the Yankees and Giants are at the top of the list and they both suck. Where's Boston on the list though? Do they look bad? Can't let the Sawwwks look bad, now can we?

And then we come back to Turnbow... Either Peter realized he might've slandered Turnbow above or the Brewers started fluffing (see logic question below).

Next we have the weekly Red Sox Awesomeness Report, this week featuring Bronson Arroyo.

This and That:
Twins Rule too.
David Wells Hearts Mark Buehrle.
The Yankees are tampering with unsigned players whose rights belong to another team (IMO, this is the biggest story on the page, and it's absolutely terrible).
And a shoutout to Jeff Keppinger, the Roy Hobbs of Foley Field.