Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A note on links

I probably should've said this before now. The links on the sidebar are in no way an endorsement of everything on whatever page it directs you to. There may be something on a linked page which might be unsafe for work viewing, unsuitable for people with easily offended sensibilities, inappropriate, offensive, incorrect, ignorant, libellous/slanderous/defamacastacious (for the Georgia lawyers), and just plain wrong. I do not endorse anything on there unless I direct you straight to it and say I endorse it. As with flipping the channels on your TV, surfer beware. I don't know my readers (if any) well enough to have a links list that attends to their interests, so my links attend to mine. The pages linked to are there because I typically use this page as a starting point for my own dicking around (so I can come back and check the comments and correct something I've screwed up royally). So please don't blame me if Thighs Wide Shut talked about Elisha Cuthbert's breasts and pissed you off.

And on that note, I'm adding a few new links to the list:

Unrealized Scripts: Because Battlefield Jim II will feature my screen debut.

Think Progress: Because I like when people argue by using their opponents' words against them.

Daily Kos: Thought about linking this at first, but a lot gets promoted from the diaries that I just don't agree with. On the other hand, there's a lot of opinion and news coverage that gets visibility here that others ignore because it got visibility here.

Huffington Post: Yeah, I know. It sucks and all, but one post in 20 is actually worth reading.

And I'm dropping Pandagon down a little, because it too has gone down a little lately. It used to be a great bastion of snark, but now it's a little too wonky.