Saturday, August 27, 2005

Premiership Picks

Midweek: 4/7 right result, 3 right scorelines (Straight cash, homey). Season: 14/25 right result, 4 right scores.

This weekend:

West Bromwich Albion v. Birmingham City: 1-0 I don't want to pick either team, but Cribbins got a "vote of confidence" this week, so I'll go with the Baggies.
Tottenham Hotspur v. Chelsea: 2-2 This should be entertaining. I like Spurs so far. Chelsea looked great midweek.
Aston Villa v. Blackburn Rovers: 2-1 Blackburn concede on the road.
West Ham United v. Bolton Wanderers: 0-1 Both sides have surprised me so far. Bolton still a little better.
Fulham v. Everton: 1-0 Everton hungover from the Villareal match.
Wigan Athletic v. Sunderland: 2-0 Sunderland are pretty much embarrassing now. Wigan shouldn't score, but...
Manchester City v. Portsmouth: 2-0 Pompey has big problems.
Middlesbrough v. Charlton Athletic: 3-1 'Boro is looking pretty good. Scoring more than I thought they would.
Newcastle United v. Manchester United: 0-2 Luque can't save Souness. Gone by Labor Day.