Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear Peter King's Editors:

Please stop making him write about things he doesn't want to write about:

Terrell Owens tells Mike Irvin he's going to give "181 percent'' in every game this year. I can't wait until a.) Owens shuts up; b.) we stop giving him forums for his silliness.

It's pretty obvious that Venti McStarfucker has no control over what he writes about, and that's a shame. He obviously would never write about some of these things unless someone put a gun to his head. For example: the dorms at Colgate, Montclair Softball (after his daughter had already graduated), the inner workings of his fantasy baseball team, and the price of a 12 pack of Poland Spring Water.

Pedro: If you don't want to give this guy a forum, don't put him in just about every column you write (and here and here and here). Next week's column will be all about how overexposed the Patriots are, and how sportswriters shouldn't hero-worship Brett Favre.