Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gameday Recap: National Numbnuts Notebook

You know the drill.

VT is overrated, GT won't be intimidated. VT could win with special teams (it's early, but is the dosage right again?)
Iowa needs to score on D to beat OSU.
90% of young men are self-centered and selfish. Lee the sociologist. Awesome quote.
Quotes The Godfather, says ND will win by 4-5 TDs. ND's "that good". cf the last 3 weeks.
NSFMF: Harris Poll and Masters Poll are great!
NSFMF: Nobody has time to watch games, so polls are good. (I don't get it).
Sticks to his guns when Fowler calls him on Michigan's great performance against EMU. "yeah, that's what I said." Nice.
Gives a NSF twenty minutes early in re Michigan.
Penn State wins 6 because of an easy schedule. Goes to a bowl "close to Mexico, a really small bowl."
Shockley is the best run/pass QB in the SEC.
LSU and UF are best in SEC. No, wait, (NSF!) Georgia. Which is it?
Calvin Johnson's the best WR in the nation that nobody's talking about.
Drew Tate won't play the whole game (Kirk calls it a Code Red.)
Picks Minnesota because "they never beat Purdue". That's some class analysis. Then he says the bookies are picking right because Minn is a favorite.
USC wins 90s-40s. Then lowers it to 60s.
Game Changer: Maroney

Keeps calling a possible Purdue win an upset (did it on Sportscenter too). Purdue is ranked. Minnesota isn't. The line's a field goal (home field advantage), but I don't think anyone would really call Minnesota the favorite.
Best Game of the Day is USC-UO. Oregon will score, can't stop USC. Nudges Corso in re USC.
Illinois gaining confidence, believing in Zook's system. Right.
Penn St. will be 5-0 going into OSU game. Penn State wins 8 games.
Florida the team to beat in SEC east but offense isn't working. Alabama is the best in the west, possibly the whole thing. Alabama's D is one of the best in all of college football.
Weasels out of answering Fowler's question on whether Kirk would actually rank Alabama ahead of those other SEC teams. A good question that threw Kirk off-guard. I like that Fowler is willing to push the pundits.
Crowd will be a factor in Oregon-USC game.
Darryl Tapp is one of the best ends of all of college football
Matchup of the day in all of CFB is Calvin Johnson (who is the best WR in all of college football) against Jimmy Williams. 3 "inallofcollegefootball"s in one segment. On pace for a record.
Knock, Knock? Are ya there? Gerald Riggs, come out and play. Is he saying it's Riggs' fault that Fulmer and Sanders only gave him 17 carries? If so, that's a weak ass take. Seriously weak.
L. Maroney is one of the best backs inallofcollegefootball.
By the end of the year USC's offense will be the best of all time.
Game Changer: Ted Ginn
Won't get into talking about lines with Corso. I call that Puzz-wah.

The Harris Poll is going to suck.
Doesn't know the Master's Poll. "Does Tiger have a vote?" heh heh. Mocks the oldsters' vote "Penn State #1..." Heh heh.
Calls Paterno "Joepuh" again. Am I wrong to be annoyed by this?
History says Illinois beats Mich. State.
Northwestern have no confidence after getting "disemboweled" last week.
Says Corso "just kicked [Penn State] in the crotch". Ridiculous diction week on Gameday!
GT and VPI have "weak male/female ratios". From the voice of God.
Abets Herbstreit's weak take on the Tennessee running game by blaming the line. Guys, IT'S THE COACHES WHO CALL THE PLAYS AND DIDN'T GIVE HIM CARRIES!
USC wasn't exactly dominant on the road last year. Crib notes from Alberts' laptop.
Game Changer: Tyrone Prothro.

Polls serve to stimulate discussion (I think this is the dumbest argument in favor).
The biggest criticism of polls is that people don't watch games.

Brought in to talk about Penn State. Why? Because he hates Penn State?
Says "Joepuh" too. Am I wrong about this? Seriously. Someone in comments tell me.
Penn State wins at least 6 games.

Nothing of note

Nothing of note.

Did they cut him free?

That God is Hokie t-shirt: Is calling God a castrated turkey blasphemy?
Fowler says the GameFace winners have too much enthusiasm. I agree.
The walkthrough segment is back. Didn't miss it.
No breakfast with VT. Weak.

Hindsight picks:
Real ballsy, guys, picking Texas Tech. And why did they pick the Hawaii game?
Corso: 15-4, 69-19 overall
Herbstreit: 15-4, 73-14 overall

First month review coming soon.