Monday, October 17, 2005

Gameday Recap - Digger Phelps Black Undershirt Edition

Hype and Hype and Hype. I find it funny that all last week the whole ND-USC thing was a total Lemon Party. Now, with all the pissing and moaning about the Bush Push and the gloating and LeinartFetish (google search hits just quadrupled) from out west, it's just a scat party. And for the rest of us, well... we're just ready for Texas-Texas Tech and the two pretty big SEC games next weekend already.

But before we move ahead, we must look back...

ND-Nebraska in 2000 was the lowest moment in ND's history.
Watch Penn State run run run some more.
FSU will come out smokin'. But watch out because the game's at UVA.
"I've been coaching 28 years and that's the thickest, deepest grass I've ever seen". Apparently "I've been", when translated from the original sanskrit means "not since 21 years ago".
Says Maurice Drew is considered the 3rd best RB in LA. Calls the WSU-UCLA game exactly right.
"Loves" Georgia. UGA-LSU in the SEC title game. "I'm sticking to it." Fowler then mocks him for changing his story (I think about ND), but here he's actually had the same pick all along. I guess they could give a little credit when due. Or at least if they're going to mock someone for changing their mind, pick the right spot to do it.
This Young kid (at Texas) is "a player." Terrible sportscaster phrase. I thought he was a freaking waterboy.
Calls Howard a leprechaun while disagreeing with him.
Once Carroll leaves, USC's going down. Says he'd leave for the NFL for $$$$.
Now he says he coached for 15 years. Good job, statboy.
Kind of talks poorly of FSU (for the first time in like, ever), but still picks them to win.
Losing destroys your family. And your complexion. Lee is definitely the reason this show is not in HD.
There was once a show called Dragnet and Joe Friday used to say something different from what Corso said. He's funny.
Game Changer: Brady Quinn. Needs to win to be able to talk at pep rallies. Yes, that's a big concern of his right now.

The running game is the most important ingredient in the ND-USC game.
UT-Colorado is a preview of the Big 12 title game.
Now thinks UGA and Alabama will play in the SEC title game, but neither undefeated.
Texas is mature, on a mission, won't lose the rest of the year. But Colorado will challenge them.
USC will be a dynasty as long as Pete Carroll is there. Work ethic + fun is why.
"We'll be back here every year." Thanks, Captain Obvious.
FSU is going 9-0 until losing at Clemson (which he calls "a great team"). Not a very sharp comment there, Kirk.
NSFMF, Michigan State. And then he counts it twice.
Herbstreit's talking a good amount, but he's not saying much today.
ND D doesn't have the manpower, but the crowd might.
Game Changer: Drew Weatherford.

ND is a title contender with a win.
Things are getting shaky in Orgeron's first year at Ole Miss. Guess the Home Depot's going to have to rebuild that set when Coach AfterschoolSpecialBenAffleck breaks it in half and jams it up Herbstreit's a-hole.
Auburn holds all the cards in the SEC West.
Kind of admits that he's on the Baylor bandwagon.
Texas is on letdown alert.
LenDale White is feisty.
Got Howard's back on USC. Sort of.
Digger Phelps' speech was "inspired, if not completely captivating." He needed a whole roll of Charmin to wipe the area around his lips for that one.
Talks about how Ted Ginn is turning away from contact. Just call him a pussy and be done with it.
Totally calls out Corso for using press releases for his "research". Most interesting comment of the day and it's a throwaway right before the last commercial. Seriously, that's the kind of comment someone makes if you're trying to get someone else to quit. I'm thinking they're thinking Corso's dead weight and they'd love to replace him. This is really an interesting thing.
Game Changer: Brian Brohm. Corporate pick - no hype for that game up to that point.

Nice suit, Deion. I'm sure lots of Michigan fans are proud.
USC's dynasty ends this year. They cannot duplicate the offensive productivity in the future. "With that [talent] drop off comes a uh uh uh mediocracy". Let's go to the judges... no, sorry, that's not a word. And you failed to phrase it in the form of a question, so we'll have to take $1600 away from you. But you're still in control of the board, so select... And thank you, Kirk, for doing my job.
Ted Ginn doesn't have the determination and drive to succeed.

Suggests winking at the other team to intimidate. He appears high as a kite.
Picks ND to win. Shocker!

No show. Should've shown solidarity with Trev.

GameFace winners look like high schoolers.
Matt Leinart loves ND. Watching Rudy made him want to go there. Like watching Laguna Beach made him want to bang bitchy Kristin.
Shelley Smith, believe it or not, had an in depth piece that had something to do with the USC program. Shocking, I know. I hope she's getting USC course credit for her stories this year.
Have I been missing Chris Connelly pieces this whole year? Shame, 'cuz he's some good fodder for jokes. When he covered shitty movies for MTV, he made John Norris look straight.
I'm not the first to say this, but the Digger Phelps bit was shameless and useless. Thank the Lord that the crowd had the good sense to drown him out. And use those buttons, dude.
In depth story on Temple - should've saved it for next week when there aren't many big stories.
They need to show more footage of sharks jumping out of the water and eating the shit out of other fish.
I'm not wasting my time compiling their picks anymore, since they pick enough no brainers and similar games to make their picks look better than they really are, and they really don't prove a thing.
No astroturf walkthrough, thankfully.
No team breakfast footage, sadly.
I was a little surprised that they covered a lot of the other games this week. Seemed like a conscious decision to spread the wealth, almost that they realized most of us were sated with the hype. I vote this as one of their better shows this year.