Monday, November 21, 2005

Champions' League MADNESS!

As a result of the response to my Roy Keane post, I've recommited myself to this...

Things are still shaking out a bit, and it'll be interesting to see what, if any, moves over the winter transfer period make a difference. The better teams seem to be separating themselves, and I don't think we'll see any real surprises until the knockout stages.

Last time: 4/8, 1 right score
Season: 29/48, 9 right scores

Bayern Munich v. Rapid Wien: 2-0
Juventus v. Club Brugge: 2-0
Ajax v. Sparta Prague: 1-1
Thun v. Arsenal: 0-2
Barcelona v. Werder Bremen: 3-1
Panathinaikos v. Udinese: 1-1
Lille v. Benfica: 2-1
Manchester United v. Villareal: 1-1

Fenerbahce v. AC Milan: 1-2
Schalke 04 v. PSV: 2-1
Real Madrid v. Olympique Lyonnais: 1-2
Rosenborg v. Olympiakos: 1-1
Anderlecht v. Chelsea: 1-3
Liverpool v. Real Betis: 2-1
Porto v. Rangers: 1-0
Internazionale v. Artmedia: 4-0