Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gameday Recap - I heard old Neil put us down

Better late than never...

The General last weekend asked me if I thought they really sang "Do you want my little thing in yer poontang?" Awesome.

And yes, I'm kind of drunk doing this.

Great defense in the SEC. Forget about D in the Pac 10. Predicts USC and Cal to outscore all the SEC teams.
Leinart will take over the USC-Cal game. "Love this guy"
Tyrone Nix is making a big difference on defense for South Carolina. By the way, they showed a highlight of the USC lineman picking off the screen pass. Just an awesome play. Deserves big time credit.
If Spurrier goes 8-3, he's SEC coach of the year. At first I thought this was obvious, but then think about Shula going possibly 10-1, Bobby Johnson at Vandy beating UT, even Richt and Tuberville with the attrition at each school, it might not be that clean-cut.
Price and O'Leary: good coach, good person. Really proud of both. "Good human beings." Where were you when they were in trouble?
Tennessee will make a bowl.
Nebraska makes a bowl.
Vince Young is his Heisman pick.
"Public perception is that they don't want to give [the Heisman] to the same guy two years in a row". Thanks for providing us all with what we think, Lee.
Lee, like Kirk and May agree that home team Alabama deserve to be in Pasadena if they win out, but they won't. Gosh, how else to play to the crowd, while still promoting your own teams.
Texas is the best team in the nation. Gives real, factual analysis for that too (offense, defense, scoring, allowed scoring). His meds are about right today, he hasn't said anything completely ass-backwards.
Barry Alvarez "shouldn't quit". "He'll be sorry." This was kind of an aside, but one of the more interesting, and revealing, comments of the day.
Corso is all about the facts today - in just about every take, he quotes national rankings. I think this is a good move for him. He sounds less loopy.
Picks Clemson, because of urgency. FSU could lose their last 4 games.
Hilarious NSFMF "Bulldog Style". He barked and growled. Take back what I said about his meds.
Game Changer: Jerome Harrison (not bad)

Goes further than Lee on SEC offenses - thinks USC will outscore the SEC teams.
Also "loves" being back in SEC country because of the excitement
Best defenses in the country are in the SEC.
Gives a shout for Kenny Irons.
Spurrier is getting better week by week, Meyer is not getting enough credit.
Corso and Kirk know the "character" of Price and O'Leary. This is such crap. Praise when doing well, desert when they hit rough times.
Tennessee will lose to Vandy AND Kentucky.
Nebraska makes a bowl, but it's sad.
Reggie Bush gets his vote, but needs more touches. But also look at the numbers for Matt Leinart - better than last year, penalized for last year.
Bush was better than Leinart last year.
Miami needs to watch the let down in "spring game atmosphere". Dude, Miami doesn't draw at home. Not a big deal.
Good point, and important point about Alabama playing more elite teams than Texas or USC. But he doesn't think they'll win the table.
Texas doesn't let up. Dominates. Proves that they have "leadership"
Alabama finds players that fit their system.
Cal doesn't have as good a QB as the past years. Right on.
DJ Shockley's "Leadership" is as important as his abilty. Vague, ambiguous terminology is the crutch of the lazy pundit.
Brandon Cox will show composure in front of tough crowds.
Alabama's D is great. Pressure, causing turnovers, short fields... that's the key.
Game Changer: Brian Calhoun (nope)
"Seems every time GameDay comes to Tuscaloosa, Alabama loses. Not this time." Weird. If I were a Tide fan, I'd probably not want them to come.

South Cackalacka-Florida is a storyline that's "just too tasty".
Nice comments on the strange bedfellows in the SEC (UGA rooting for Spurrier, Auburn rooting for Alabama)
South Carolina is kind of winning with smoke and mirrors.
Conference USA: Conference redemption with O'Leary and Price.
DeAngelo Williams is getting stacked up against, will make his mark in the NFL.
Notre Dame is three wins from the BCS... World population has doubled since Navy last beat them.
Nice little bit on "Close Call" one loss teams.
Knocks Alabama's OOC schedule, compared to USC and Texas. Kirk has to explain that they play 11 games, not 3 and that Alabama has a tougher schedule.
Did they really give away tickets to Iowa State's game? Because of the weather?
Hints at a close Texas game because of Kansas' D.
Alabama coaches up players, rather than relying on pure talent.
Comes correct with a "Joe PAH PAH". Not perfect, but better than the joapUHs of days past.
For Corso's NSFMF he asks "Is that supposed to be a dog?"
Knocks Auburn and the SEC's offense. "If AU is the best, not such a ringing endorsement." They looked OK later that night though...
Makes sure to mention that Alabama isn't the only team to lose players to injury. C'mon, there isn't another injury in the country that is has that much of an effect. They have 78 scholarships. He stretched the field, was the biggest playmaker. There isn't a comparable injury in college football this year.
Game Changer: Alabama's D (OK, but no win)

Is there a reason why he's on the set from the get-go? Can't let the SEC (and CBS) get too much coverage?
AHA! First thing he says is how we can't forget about the Big 10. Purposeful? Conspiracy?
Mr. Versatility: Ted Ginn. Big pump up for OSU. Had to hurt, you damn corporate shill.
Heisman: leaning toward Reggie Bush. Marcus Allen likes him too. Shocking! Dude likes the player at his alma mater! And Marcus likes him because he's had "so few opportunities". Hang on, the guy is a highlight standard, constantly on ESPN. We're not talking about the RB at Wazzoo or, I don't know, that good tailback at New Mexico. He plays for one of the most hyped teams in the country. Not enough opportunities?
Leinart is not the best player on his team. Reggie Bush has no weaknesses in his game (I'd say he hasn't been hit really hard so far... we'll see when he gets to the NFL).
Cal's ball-control offense keeps USC games close.

Evidently they let him sleep in, or his stool softener keeps him in the head all morning.

WHOA! Totally out of character, May praises Alabama, says they deserve to play in the Rose Bowl if they win out. Very weird. Bizarro May is in the house. Perhaps he drew the short straw and had to play... err... strawman to the others?Nice diction at the end though... "The bottom line is, at the end of the game, all that counts..."

I'm sure I'm not the only one who chuckled at the tease for the story on the Alabama kicker holding the wad of cash. Logan Young pays a grand per 50 yarder?
Yet again, Gillette Game Face finds the biggest dorm nerds on earth.
Mike Price gets a solid boo. I'm not sure I get this all that much. Who gives a shit? It's not like he paid a bunch of players and put Alabama in bad shape for 8 years.
Franchione gets a big boo too, and yes, I understand this.
Close call on Sign of the week: TIGERS BLEAUX or "Egomaniacal Nardsacks (pictures of Corso and Herbstreit) Love Emerald Nuts"
Lots of long commercial breaks this week. Or maybe I'm just drunk. Or both.
Stunning, I know... Another Shelley Smith USC piece on things that have nothing to do with football. Gosh, they have such fun.
110 decibels. They say 113 is the record. I don't remember that one. Where was it?
The short little interview with Brodie Croyle was hilarious if you watched it thinking he was putting on his "sensitive" mask in order to slay some Phi Mu.

All in all, kind of a short show. Decent fact-based analysis. Poor to quite poor in-depth stories. Solid B+ show.