Friday, December 02, 2005

"311, I am ready to fight"

The following scenario is the worst nightmare the execs at ESPN have had since they heard Scott Stapp had gone on the road and was ready to fight.

While none of this is likely to happen, it’s still interesting to bring up the scenarios that national numbnutz feel are too taboo to discuss. So, here’s the shakeup (and be sure, this is not a prediction, except for the 4th game):

USC loses to UCLA
Texas loses to Colorado
VT loses to FSU
LSU loses to Georgia.

First of all, feel free to point out major flaws in my assumptions, reasoning, or interpretations of BCS rules.

Assumed relevant final BCS rankings
1. Penn State
2. USC
3. Texas
4. Ohio State
5. Oregon
6. Notre Dame

Automatic Bids:
#1: Penn State
#2: USC
SEC: Georgia
Big 12: Colorado
Big East: West Virginia
At Large: Notre Dame
At Large: Texas

Rose: Penn State vs. USC.
Orange: FSU vs. ND

Seems to me the Fiesta and Sugar would be left to do some dealing given the fact that while the Fiesta has the next pick, it would be Texas, and the moving of host team provisions may kick in. Without moving the host teams, seems to me this is how it would have to look:

Fiesta: Colorado vs. WVU
Sugar: Georgia vs. Texas

Okay, I guess that's enough mental masturbation for now...