Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fuck a bag of...

1. ...Fox. For cancelling Arrested Development. Friday's thing was amazing (even though they screwed up the feed four times, missing about 10 key minutes. What things were amazing on these episodes?

  • Franklin's t-shirt: George Bush Doesn't Care About Black Puppets
  • William Hung and his Hung Jury
  • Rob Riggle as a pandering politician
  • Pete Rose
  • How absolutely, positively, unbelievably HOTTTTT Justine Bateman looked. And that joke worked so damn well. Seriously, I had no idea Mallory turned into that. Get her a pilot, STAT! (Here's where I should admit that I didn't recognize her until the second viewing, and it took me looking on the internet to get the joke that the episode title is "Family Ties")
  • "Remember Mr. F?" "Yeah but that was retard... misguided."
  • "THE PROSECUTION", a CBS show. "These guys will bend the law to enforce the law."
  • The sound effects were really perfect.
  • Munch? Does this mean the Bluths are part of Tommy Westphal's mind too?

It's the best show on TV, and now it's over. Fuck a bag of Fox.

2. ...Advertisements for jewelry around Valentine's Day. Every kiss begins with Kay. HE went to Jared. And worst of all is that egregious use of the Yardbirds' "For Your Love". The more I see these commercials, the more I want Valentine's Day to be about the immaterial. Fuck a bag of them all.

3. ...Me, for not paying attention to the Winter Olympics until tonight. The coverage of the sports has actually be really really good, and not just for figure skating. HDTV had made an enormous difference. The overlapping skiiers trick (they show the two footages overlapping at the same time so you can see who would be ahead if they were on the course at the same time) is fantastic. Then there's a tracking camera following ski jumpers that blew my mind the first time I saw it. From what I've seen, the coverage hasn't been just feel good stories and bullshit promotion. Hell, there's even some coverage of sports where Americans aren't figuring in the medals. What I've seen has been better than I expected. Fuck me for ignoring it yesterday (and not really paying attention in the lead up).

4. ...The crowd at the Pro Bowl, who dared to boo a halftime performance by Backstreet Boys. First, they kill with a solid "Incomplete", then run straight into "I want it that way" before breaking it down big time with a island beat backing "Backstreet's Back". I'm sorry, but when they kick into that "Oh my God, we're back again!", how can you possibly boo?

So those are the current grievances. Carry on and scroll down.