Sunday, March 19, 2006

One of the best stories...

So there's this piece of news on the ticker. Juan Gonzalez signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. This alone isn't that important. The prospect of him playing home games at Fenway did, however remind me of a story.

A friend of a friend of frequent commenter The Dagger knew a guy who knew a guy (this is like a 6th hand story) who worked the old-fashioned scoreboard at Fenway Park. Juan Gone was playing for the Rangers at the time and was in town for a three game set. On the first day, the guy working the scoreboard had brought a hot girl with him to watch the game from the field level scoreboard. Juan evidentely noticed the girl, and may have made some whistling noises or such toward the scoreboard. The next day when he was taking some outfield practice, Juan ran over to the scoreboard and flagged down the guy. His first sentence to the guy might be the best thing ever said:

"Hey mang, you drop a batch on that girl or what, mang?"

Believe it at your own risk.