Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Soccer? Here? On American Idol?

I annoyed the Lady tonight by watching a commercial in the middle of the Tivoed American Idol episode tonight (seriously, the only way to go on the elimination show - you can seriously watch it in 2 minutes). I stopped upon seeing the face of someone I never expected to see on prime time American television: Ronaldinho.

It was a Nike commercial for their Joga Bonita stuff. A solid commercial, with some amazing foot skills by the man on an indoor court spliced in with footage of him as a kid. But seriously, they showed this not at halftime of the Champions' League game at 2:30 on a Wednesday, but during the most watched show on television. That's some expensive ad time! I think it's great, and I hope Nike, who for good or bad is responsible for much of setting the tone of American sports media coverage, keeps pushing the sport up through the World Cup this Summer.

And seriously, Katharine McPhee's going to stay in the bottom three until she realizes she needs to get a personal stylist. She's been tankifying herself and minimizing her best assets. Huge mistake.