Sunday, April 23, 2006

Any chance of this?

As many of you may know, I'm heading to San Francisco next month.

I'm really excited about one thing in particular. The Lady and I last week ordered tickets for a Giants game, which means we'll get to see what looks like the nicest new stadium. Occurred the other day that there's an outside chance at another awesome thing happening.

Barry Bonds hit his first home run of the season yesterday. He's currently at 709 for the season, leaving him just 5 home runs shy of Babe Ruth's mark of 714. The game we're going to is Friday, May 26th. They have 30 games between now and then. Bonds has sucked so far this year, but who knows if he'll suddenly get back his power. If he does, pitchers will likely stop giving him anything to hit, even moreso than they already are.

So if he averages one homer every 6 games, we might be there on the night he moves into second place. Not a very good chance, but you never know.

UPDATE: Five dudes were ejected in tonight's game (in which Bonds did not homer). The Giants and Rockies exchanged beanballs. Tensions were high. And when is the very next time these two division rivals meet? That'd be May 26th. As if I wasn't already excited enough, now there's the chance of violence. Awesome.