Saturday, April 01, 2006


This will be my last post here at the CHQoSAG. Thanks so much to all my readers and to everyone who has inspired me into writing.

I have decided to accept an offer from ESPN to write for one of their shows and author an online column. The show is in its infancy, and I cannot tell you much about it due to confidentiality agreements. The most I can tell you is that it will be related to college football, will feature Lou Holtz, Beano Cook and Lee Corso, will appear on Tuesday Evenings (tentatively) and will focus on "roundtable" discussions on the top rated teams and players. The first segment "Where the Polls Are Right" will be a weekly review of the poll movement. The second segment, "The Best of the Best" will focus on Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma and Ohio State's previous week's games. Frequently Kirk Herbstreit will appear to provide his insight on recruiting, namely how great Florida and Ohio State are doing at it. "What's on Matt Sanchez's iPod?" will be the weekly fourth segment. The fifth segment, "Tommy Tuberville is Utterly INSANE!!!", will focus on why people who question the infinite wisdom and all-knowing genius of ESPN are just ignorant, toothless rednecks. Finally, the three wise men of college football will get together and discuss how the top team would have competed against the Army juggernaut team of 1944, the Yale 1909 team, and the greatest of all, the USC 2005 team. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the college football media and really become a part of the opinion-influencing industry.

Take that back, I could be more excited: which I am, about the online column. I'll be writing a weekly recap of all the insightful things Chris, Kirk, Lee and Desmond say on College Gameday. The tentative title: "That's Why They're The Experts!" That'll come out every week on Monday. The rest of the week, I'll have chat sessions defending everything they say and another weekly column/mailbag tentatively titled "Why Trev Alberts and All You Idiots With Message Boards or 'Blogs' Are Retarded". That's going to be the best.

So thanks again and goodbye. It's been a good year, though I can't say I can stand by anything I've written over that. Oh, and you might want to grab screencaps of my archives, because they'll be gone by Monday. Thanks again to all the bloggers, commenters, readers, etc. Without you all I never would've been noticed and given the opportunity to sell out so hilariously.

Thanks, and good luck to all of you, suckers.