Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Easterbrook Update

No long post, since that'd be exhausting. But if you want to know whether to pay attention to Gregg Easterbrook's TMQ column whenever he starts writing about college football, including, I'd argue, when he discusses the NFL Entry Draft, here's what you need to read, from this week's column:

Stats of the Week No. 8: Someone named Rex Grossman significantly outperformed Brett Favre.

Yes. "Someone". Someone who finished second in one of the closest Heisman Trophy races in history. Someone who owns dozens of records passing at the University of Florida. Someone who had one of the highest pass efficiency in the history of the NCAA. Someone who was a consensus first team All-American. Someone who was a first round draft pick in a very deep and talented draft (Palmer, Polamalu, Leftwich, Jordan Gross, Larry Johnson, Willis McGahee, Anquan Boldin, Chris Simms, Domanick Davis, Andre Johnson, and plenty more).

Sure, if you want to keep your NFL columnist union card, you have to keep one of Brett Favre's nuts tucked in like a big chew. But is this stat even the slightest bit surprising? Brett Favre's prime was a decade ago. Grossman is getting to his prime right now.

The "Someone named" bit might've worked had it been, I don't know, Craig Nall at Buffalo (go ahead, look him up... he's third on the depth chart and he's from Northwestern State). But Grossman?

Go back to cherry picking situations that prove your theories.