Sunday, September 17, 2006

A few random college football thoughts

Quick hit style...


  • The Dawgs' defense is the real deal. Seriously. But the special teams might be even better. The return blocking is as good as I've ever seen, and Ely-Kelso and Coutu are legitimate All-SEC types.
  • Bon Jovi at halftime? Awesome. Here's hoping they do Poison's greatest hits next weekend.
  • 7 and a half minutes to review a catch? Embarrassing. And the officiating was suspect throughout. The illegal procedure foul on the kickoff out of bounds when the UAB player caught it as it was going out of bounds - this had to be an incorrect call.
  • There is a serious problem with instant replay. The end of the Oregon-Oklahoma game was an absolute joke. The ball was clearly touched before 10 yards. Clearly. Obviously.
  • But that wasn't the worst call of the weekend, nor the only one that directly impacted the game. The waved off PI call in the Auburn-LSU game was perhaps the single worst decision I've ever seen. Yes the ball was tipped. But before the ball was tipped, the Auburn DB knocked the legs out of the LSU receiver. If it wasn't PI, it was defensive holding. In any event, the contact occurred before the tipping of the ball. On such a crucial play, the refs completely blew it. Awful call.
  • Chris Leak still doesn't like getting hit. Also, I don't think Leak does a good job of reading defenses. Lots of times the runs go directly into a wall. It's weird, for an offense that has so many possibilities, it seems like more than half the time they run directly into defenders.
  • Is Florida's run D really that good? They looked amazing.
  • Justin Harrell is a man.
Clemson-FSU: Why was Proctor's dad bawling after that TD run? Weird.

A few odd scores, that kind of make me think that really, nobody knows anything.
  • NC State gets whipped by USM (and with Central Michigan knocking off Akron, that loss doesn't quite look so good). UNC gives up 42 to 1-AA Furman. Duke gets waxed. Bad times in the Research Triangle.
  • Mississippi State loses to Tulane. This is a very bad situation. The firing of Sly Croom (which will eventually happen) will draw scrutiny I don't think the SEC wants. MSU may end up winless.
  • Southern Illinois tops Indiana (tough because of the Hoeppner surgery). But that means the Big 10 has two losses to 1-AA opponents. Wow.
  • Thought for a minute that the Wofford Terriers might catch USC sleeping.
  • Anyone remember why Stanford was a favorite over Navy?