Thursday, September 07, 2006

A few thoughts on the NFL

1. The pregame concert was hilariously awful. Diddy... yeah.

2. Ronnie Brown is kind of awesome, once he got going. Culpepper looks a lot better than last year, though I'm not sure how great the Miami receivers are.

3. The tendency of Pittsburgh to allow a running back to carry their offense all the way down the field, only to be taken off right at the goal line so someone else gets the TD is a recipe for disaster. Bad karma. I was kind of happy Batch fumbled the snap in the beginning of the fourth on first and goal. Give it to Parker and let him get in the end zone.

4. The field seemed kind of crappy. Lots of slipping. No excuse for that. They've had all year to get it nice.

5. Welker is exciting to watch.


I might've spoken too soon about Culpepper. The Steelers' D is fantastic.

Something tells me next time Saban throws the red flag, he's going to drill the side judge in the head. Nice job, zebras. Way to follow up from the Super Bowl.

Thanks, NBC, for showing me Ben Roethlisberger every 6 seconds. They should have a camera on the guy who stole his identity too.

After the Joey Porter touchdown, I'm pretty sure Cowher dropped about 6 f-bombs in a row. I love HDTV. NBC may as well have had subtitles.