Saturday, October 28, 2006

Irrational Thoughts

1) Florida is probably the only team I've seen that, were I a fan, would frustrate me more than Georgia. Seriously. The Gators should've won by 28. The opening drive showed all the weaknesses of the Georgia defense... and they stopped doing everything they did on that drive. 6 yard passes that take advantage of the weak UGA LBs? They converted two (maybe 3) third downs on the opening drive. Then they stopped doing that all together (or Florida's receivers dropped the passes - equally frustrating). This is perhaps the worst Georgia team in a decade. And Florida couldn't put them away. In my mind, Florida might not be a top 10 team.

2) SEC officials make me want to give up watching football all together. And I've already tried to convince the General to become a US Attorney and investigate this corrupt group of incompetent idiots. Paul Oliver's phantom PI on on the opening drive was offensive (and even worse considering the mugging received by Georgia receivers on the very next drive). But most unbelievably, the decisive penalty of the game - the phantom facemask on Moses that gave Florida the undeserved first down - WAS IN NO WAY A PENALTY. Moses grabbed him by the collar. No question about it. The penalty sealed the game. This is corruption. Without a doubt.

3) I'm sure Georgia bloggers will be writing a bunch about the smattering of boos for Martrez Milner. Whatever. The point I think should be raised is that the receivers coach IS NOT DOING HIS JOB. There is no reason, whatsoever, for all the drops.

4) How's about Willie Martinez for making some adjustments (though I do think Florida bears the lion's share of the responsibility)? I liked seeing the D not responsible for any points in the second half.

5) If we win the toss at the opener of any game going forward, we NEED to take the ball. Here are the results of our opening second half drives in the last few games:

  • Florida: Lumpkin fumble on first down, Florida TD.
  • Miss State: Three and out, net loss of one yard.
  • Vanderbilt: Lumpkin fumble on second down, leading to a Vandy TD.
  • Tennessee: Tereshinski interception on second down, leading to a UT TD.
  • Ole Miss: Georgia drive for a TD
  • Colorado: Stafford fumble after one first down, leading to Colorado FG.
So over the last 6 games, we've gotten the ball to start the second half every time, and it has led to points for our team once, but points for the other team 4 (FOUR!!!!) times. FUCK! Seriously!

6) Right now, I'm happy that I'll get to see Matthew Stafford play for Georgia for 3 more years. And I wouldn't take any other QB over him.


8) Special teams continues to be a problem. Coverage and blocking aren't very good, and directly led to a Florida touchdown. We still are getting penalties on our returns. So frustrating.

9) Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson must have been having a contest as to who could fuck up the name of the team more. More than half the time when Florida did something well, they talked about how "Georgia" has the momentum. Michael Stafford is apparently the QB of Georgia. I hope that their response to the mandate to avoid using the term "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" was to drink copious amounts of liquor, and that was the reason for the errors. Because there should be no other excuse.

10) Matthew Stafford's double pass was awesome. And it should've been legal. Brett Favre did it last week, didn't he?

11) On that same play, Reggie Nelson laid out Kenneth Harris on a horrendous cheap shot away from the ball. Were I a player, with my ignant-ass temper, I would grab him by his dreads on some random play and make him cry. I know it's going to sound terrible, but I wouldn't be upset were he to be hit by a stray bullet fired by another Florida defensive back. [Too harsh; I'm a prick] Payback is a bitch, and he'll experience it. (Yes, he's good too)

Georgia may end up winning one of the games against Auburn or Tech. But after a result like this, I am not assured of a win against Kentucky right now. A letdown may be in the cards.

I'm going to get drunker.