Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lessons... err... not learned

Didn't want to go too long without making a few comments on last weekend's Georgia-Vandy game. Most that I've wanted to say has been said already. I guess some form of Bad-Georgia-Performance fatigue has set in. After the Vandy game, I didn't even see many people all that mad about it.

As quickly as possible, here are my thoughts:

  • Outside linebacking is very bad, and it makes the DBs look worse because they have more ground to cover, and it makes the DEs look worse because they can't focus on pressuring the QB. It's time for a change in personnel there.
  • That doesn't let Martinez off the hook though. The zone is too soft, and doesn't maximize talent. Does anyone else get the feeling that if Georgia would allow a little more aggressiveness, things might be a little different?
  • Stafford starting is better for Georgia. I don't think it'll have much effect on the final won-loss record though.
  • Georgia continues to make the mistake of throwing the ball early in series when sitting on a lead in the fourth quarter and the other team is low on timeouts. This time, after the 5 yard shank punt, second down and 11, Georgia snaps the ball with at least 10 seconds on the play clock, throws incomplete, clock stopped. Third down, Georgia rushes for 6. Had they done that on second down, there would've been an easier conversion attempt, the ability to run the ball for the first down, and almost a minute more burned off the clock. When Stafford dropped to throw that play I sat down and shook my head.
  • Sucks about Brown's injury. Shame is that not once all year did we use him how he should've been used out of the backfield: moving toward the line of scrimmage in the flats and receiving a pitch. Brown always worked better when moving in open space - he didn't break many tackles all year, and if you look at his returns, he either had great blocking upfront and broke it for a big number (45 yards against Ole Miss, 99 against UT) or he got the wind knocked out of him on the 11 by the first guy downfield. Too often Brown was expected to run between the tackles, and even worse on a hesitation play, when the DL had already penetrated. Brown's style was never suited for this. I would have liked to have seen him take a pitch. Sad. I've got a feeling he'll end up a good special teams player in the NFL and maybe more - at least Patrick Pass's career.
  • Freaking Vanderbilt.