Sunday, November 19, 2006

Armagideon Time

Not that it was all that outrageous of a prediction to make, but I called it.

The BCS standings are in, and Michigan sits at #2. So with all of the Wolverines' and Buckeyes' games played, according to the system in place, the people and computers believe that Michigan and Ohio State have put together the two best resumes in the nation.

Yes, I understand that USC, Florida, Arkansas, Notre Dame, West Virginia and other teams haven't completed their seasons yet, and each team could sway voters strongly that their resume is better than Michigan's. But when Michigan finished their season, the system said it was second best.

Now it gets interesting. We all will be able to watch how financially interested and biased coaches and the panel of biased voters in the Harris Poll alter their views of Michigan to create an outcome they might find more aesthetically pleasing or financially advantageous. We'll see coaches starting to play politics in the press, like Urban Meyer already has started doing in this AP article.

The system is bad. Now we can watch one of the major flaws in practice. Watch Michigan's position in the Coaches' and Harris Polls drop. Watch coaches, players and public figures pander in the media, attempting to achieve the result that benefits them the most. Dozens and dozens of voters in the two BCS polls have specific personal biases and financial incentives to vote particular ways.

Is this the way you all want to decide who gets to play for a title?