Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't miss it...

It's been like 6 months since one of the other writers on this blog actually posted, and I went and buried it.

So make sure you scroll down and see The General's thoughts on the Georgia game and Rutgers.

I'll have my own thoughts on Rutgers possibly tomorrow.

As for the Georgia game, I thought it was incredible. I really didn't think Brandon Cox was going to play the second half. Something looked seriously wrong with him. But don't think that I'm not giving Georgia's D credit. The D line was unreal all day. And the secondary played faster than they've been all year. As for Stafford, I'm getting more and more excited. He really looked like John Elway at times. And he's a better runner than anyone's given him credit for (like Elway was when younger). This was the kind of Georgia game I love seeing, the kind that totally stuns me. Like Boise State last year, LSU last year in the SEC Title and the year before in Athens, Tennessee in '03, 51-7 adainst Tech and a handful of other games under Mark Richt. Meanwhile, this game was a little different from the recent series between Auburn and Georgia in that I didn't think Tommy Tuberville outcoached Richt. Tuberville guessed wrong all game and handled his QB totally wrong. He gave up on the run too early (and then he was forced to throw because of the throwing errors). He punted a few times when he probably should've given a try for the first (especially with the poor day by Bliss). It was almost as if Tuberville wasn't really coaching. Weird.

A few other thoughts on college football...

Stanford's win this weekend was one of the biggest upsets of the year. Didn't Washington almost sniff the top 25?

Don't be too stunned by Boise State's result last weekend. The Broncos have struggled in San Jose before, and back then the Spartans were really bad. This year, San Jose State isn't comatose.

Rice beat Tulsa last weekend. Rice is 5-5 and might make a bowl. ECU this weekend should be tough (and ECU's a good story this year). But that and the SMU game are both potential wins (at least there's a possibility if they can beat Tulsa and UTEP). The Owls have won 4 straight. I think Rice has done alright for themselves this year. I'd like to see how they'd do among the supergenius schools that I think should form their own conference instead of being BCS bottom feeders (Vandy, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern, Army, Navy, maybe Tulane, maybe Wake Forest).

And finally, after the Georgia game Saturday, I had a little drinky drink, and ended up watching some of The Dukes of Hazzard. As I've probably written before: Kyle King is right. It's actually way better than I expected, pretty funny, not very offensive to the South or about the South, and the soundtrack rules. I stand by my earlier comments that Jessica Simpson was miscast (Daisy should be a brunette, and from that point I will not move), but she wasn't even as bad as I expected her to be. And, of course, anytime Farva has a relatively prominent role, I'm down for it.