Monday, December 18, 2006

Arthur ______! Gag your team.

It's been one thing after another for the Dirty Birds recently. SuperVick flicking-off fans. Jim "Playoffs!" Mora saying Vick is a "coach-killer." Jim "deer in the headlights" Mora saying he'd jump ship for the UW job even if the Falcons were in the middle of a playoff run. But, IMHO the worst gaffe is in the most recent comments by DHall. I admire his restraint in refraining from retaliating for T.O.'s disgusting act, but he should restrain himself a little more. He should NOT be encouraging the League to suspend 81. Take one look at the schedule. One of the more realistic paths to the playoffs for the Falcons is for them to take care of business against the Panthers, and for Dallas to beat Philly on Christmas Day. That way, the winner of the Eagles-Falcons season finale will get a playoff spot. Please, Falcons, on behalf of your fans, STFU.

On another note, BigUps for The General who got hitched this past weekend. He and his beautiful bride tore up the dance floor at the wedding and are now resting their toes in warm white sand.

Update: After further review of the tie-breaking procedures, it looks as if the Falcons would get a Wild Card spot if they win the next two, regardless of how the Eagles do against the Cowboys. If the Falcons win 2, the Giants win 2, and the Eagles win 1, they'll all be tied at 9-7. The first tie-breaker eliminates all but the highest ranked club in each division. The Giants would be ranked higher than Philly due to the division tie eventually being broken by them having a higher winning percentage against common opponents. Then the Giants would hold the tie-breaker over Atlanta by winning head-to-head. So, Giants are in. Next, with the tie between Philly and Atlanta, the Falcons (under this scenario) would get the nod due to winning head-to-head. But, if the Falcons slip against Carolina and need a lot of help staying alive, one of those helpful hands may well be Dallas with T.O. on the field.