Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flick The Button

1. The Illusionist. Saw this a long time ago but forgot to write about it in either of the last 2 recaps. And that says about everything. Just not much to write home about. And quite predictable, too. I think it's natural to compare this to The Prestige because of the subject matter. The Prestige didn't meet its own expectations, but is a far far better film than this. This is just blah. You're Fired.

2. Let's Go To Prison. One trick pony, and it came up lame. Got the sense like this movie was mostly made up of the third or fourth book of rejected Reno 911! jokes. Will Arnett seems miscast too - almost as if his part was supposed to have been written for Thomas Lennon's Dangle character. The only thing of use here: Chi McBride has a lot of hair. You're Fired.

3. Factory Girl. Actors playing dress-up, and not well. Music montages. 85 minutes, thankfully. For supposedly interesting people, a terribly boring movie. You're Fired.

4. I re-watched Blades of Glory too. Let me downgrade my initial assessment from Dull Steak Knives to You're Fired. Repeat viewings didn't make it funnier, and I didn't notice new funny stuff.

5. I also watched the first season of Rome. Amazing detail, and I really enjoyed the actual pseudo-historic parts. The soap opera plotlines with Vorenus and his wife were painful. There were about 4-5 episodes that outright sucked in the middle - alternating Forrest Gumpesque historic dropins with boring spousal relations. But the last 2 episodes were great - and I have a feeling that those two inflated opinions for the whole series. I know I'll eventually watch the second season, but I haven't been banging on the door of Blockbuster to get them, like for some other shows.