Saturday, October 20, 2007


I had the flu all week, so Gameday and Lebowskis suffered along with me. Skipping this week, starting anew next.

On an entirely different note, here's why I should not be a football coach... Were I Steve Kragthorpe, and I had been suffered a hilariously bullshit non-call like the failure of the Big East refs to notice a patently obvious fair catch call, here's what I would have done: I would've waited for the next opportunity to punt, and I would tell the punter one thing, "High as you can, don't care if it's short." Then, I'd tell the entire coverage team one thing, "do not stop until you feel his bones, no matter how vivid the fair catch signal."

Any pollster who gives UConn a vote all year is a complete and total idiot.


peacedog said...

One of the worst botches by an official I've ever seen. SMQ has that fantastic picture up on his site right next to the returner's quote about him not having his arm up in the air.

If his arm isn't up in the air in that picture, them I'm the queen of england. Just an unbelievable and bizzare situation.