Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just in case you were wondering...

Ryan Hockensmith, Mixed Martial Arts writer for, has produced another Power 16 poll that is hilariously messed up.

  • Again he gives Kansas its lone #1 vote.
  • Now he moves Hawaii (after squeaking by weak Nevada) and Boise State up in the rankings. Now both are in his Top 8.

In comparison to the other voters in this poll, Hockensmith...

  • Ranks Hawaii 5 full slots higher than anyone else(and 3 don't even rank Hawaii).
  • Ranks Boise State 6 full slots higher than anyone else (and only 3 others DO rank Boise State).
  • Ranks Georgia 4 slots lower than anyone else.

It wouldn't surprise me if he ranked the winner of Hawaii-Boise State #1 if Kansas loses to Missouri. And it also wouldn't surprise me if he'd never heard of the term "strength of schedule".