Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Fallout from Vick's Criminality

In case you missed the odd turn of events during tonight's ACC showdown, some nerd at Georgia Tech hacked into the video surveillance system to circumvent the camera pointed at the visiting locker room so he could steal the jerseys of four of Virginia Tech's players. The Hokie victims, including quarterbacks Sean Glennon and backup Tyrod Taylor, ended up borrowing vintage GT jerseys, using electrical tape to black out the "Yellow Jackets" on the front, and writing their own last names on the back with a Sharpie.

According to Erin Andrews, a VT booster actually tried to fly in jerseys from Blacksburg so the players could change out at halftime, but they still couldn't find a Glennon or Taylor jersey. The two other players had the right colors on by the third quarter.

What I find interesting is that if it weren't for Michael Vick's dog-killing, the Hokie equipment manager could have popped by the nearest Nike Town and bought a throwback Michael Vick college jersey for Glennon who wears #7. Too bad.

They possibly could have also gotten a Marcus Vick replica for Taylor who wears #5, were it not for other off the field shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

Or, they could've sent a shuttle van over to Athens and borrowed a Matt Stafford jersey. Either way, Karma hath risen up and bitch slapped Tech yet again.