Saturday, November 28, 2009


  • Keep Russ around for good.
  • Rennie Curran is unbelievable.
  • Reshad Jones played a good game!
  • It wasn't until Tech's last offensive play that it made sense that we didn't double team Thomas the entire game.
  • Why does Demariyus Thomas have a B on his jersey? Or was that just Millen/McDonough incompetency?
  • And speaking of Millen, when even that empty melon head suggests that SEC refs might have an interest in the game, there's a really bad image problem.
  • And other than the Boykin jersey pull on an uncatchable ball (which wasn't a completely outrageous call) and the surprising overrule on the subsequent Dwyer rush, the refs were actually pretty good. I was amazed by how well the line call nailed the Jones INT out of bounds when Hill got hurt. I didn't figure it out in live speed twice and he got it completely right.
  • The two participants in next week's ACC title game both lost this week to SEC teams which would be lucky to play in the Music City Bowl. Get your tickets to Tampa now!
  • It was so good to watch Bobo continue call running plays on the second drive. So damn satisfying.
  • Should we be upset that Drew Butler's non-appearance tonight may have cost him the Ray Guy Award? Probably not, right?
  • Natural order is restored in this state. It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog.


The Wrangler said...

We were wondering about the Demariyus "B" Thomas thing as well. The Channel 2 guy kept calling him "BayBay" Thomas in the post-game highlights. I guess Tech has gone XFL and they're putting initials of nicknames on their jerseys? The Channel 2 guy also said that was his first drop of the year...not sure why he didn't get double teamed or at least covered by Miller. Very satisfying win.

The General said...

Spectacular performance in all facets. The coaches finally got out of their own way and didn't overthink it, Bobo sticking with the run and Fabris kicking it deep. But I think the real difference was Jimmies/Joes. With our size and strength advantage in the trenches, our blockers simply manhandled the Tech defensive front. It's not like we haven't tried to run up the gut this year; we just haven't been able to open the holes like we did in this game. SEC DLs are simply much bigger and stronger than Tech's.

On the other side of the ball, our DL got great penetration, disrupting their timing and handoffs. This isn't "great coaching," it's simply executing with a decided physical advantage.

A BayBay drop was their final undoing, but we dropped a few easy balls earlier on and Cox overthrew a sure TD. Those plays, along with Vance Cuff's miserable attempt to tackle Bemaryius prevented it from being a runaway. Tech has a great scheme, but on the whole, their personnel is clearly inferior. Thomas will be a big time NFL receiver, though.

I had little hope when Blair missed that long one. 55 yards is a tall order, so I hope that doesn't cost him the Groza. Inexplicable playcalling by Johnson on the four pass plays at the end. Even if the deep passes had gotten them in the endzone, we would have had time and all 3 timeouts to drive for a FG. Unbelievable play by Reshad to come down with the one on 2nd down, even though his foot was on the line, and his break-up on 3rd was outstanding. Along with his circus INT earlier, just a lights-out game for Jones. In the end, Tech had just used up all their fourth-down magic earlier in the game and throughout the season. Their go-to guy just let the ball and the game slip through his fingers.

And Bryan Evans is even a bonehead on the sideline. Embarrassing gatorade shower. This was a big win, but losing 5 forfeits your right to douse the coach. My reaction was much the same as Richt's.

Great win. Build on it. On to Nashville where it will likely be UNC and my house divided.


The General said...

On closer inspection, I'm thinking we'll be right here in our backyard at the Peach Bowl. My guess for opponent is Va Tech.

Bama/Florida go to BCSCG/Sugar.
LSU goes Citrus.
Ole Miss goes Cotton.
Tennessee goes Outback.

Tennessee and Georgia have identical records, so the Outback could take the Dawgs ,or any of the other 7-5 teams for that matter, but UT and UGA each have a conference-record advantage over the others. The head-to-head beatdown should send the Vols to Tampa.

At that point Peach chooses among the five remaining 7-5 teams. Georgia has the best conference record and will be the best bet to sell out the Dome with so many local fans who are particularly likely to show up, riding high after the Tech win.

Georgia 4-4 7-5
South Carolina 3-5 7-5
Kentucky 3-5 7-5
Arkansas 3-5 7-5
Auburn 3-5 7-5

Your guess is as good as mine as to how the Music City, Liberty, Independence, and split up the rest of the dregs.

As for the Peach opponent, if GT wins the ACC Championship, Clemson will be 8-5. The Peach will likely take 9-3 VT instead.

If Clemson wins the ACC, I doubt the Peach would want a rematch of GT-UGA, Tech fans particularly down after two straight losses, so I think a 9-3 VT would win out over 10-3 GT.

Working against VT is the fact that Hokie fans might not want to make a third trip to the ATL this year, after they lost both others, first to Bama (34-24) in the Dome in Week 1, and then at Bobby Dodd (28-23) on 10/17. Then again, they have to feel they're due for a win in this city.