Saturday, December 12, 2009

Buying a pint for Brad Friedel today

Huge weekend in England.

Man U give up 3 points at home to Villa.  Stellar defense today.  Man City, Spurs and Chelsea give up 2 points a piece (Spurs and Chelsea at home).

Tomorrow's Liverpool/Arsenal match just went from big to massive.  A win by either team reignites a real chance at the title.

Win tomorrow and their game in hand, and the Gunners are just a game off the lead.

Here's what I want: Arshavin plays 90.  Eduardo plays none.  Vermaelen's onrushes lead to something other than a killer counter by Liverpool.  I fear it won't happen.

My guess: Liverpool play better than they have in months and take a win.


Jason said...

Also, Clint Dempsey narrowly avoided re-entering the fantasy football "Dream Team" as being one of the highest scoring mid-fielders.