Saturday, February 12, 2005


When I criticize sports pundits, I plan on using the "he doesn't know what he's talking about because the facts/numbers say otherwise, see..." line of attack rather than "he just has a bias against this team and that's why he's wrong." I think most sports journalists/pundits make a sincere effort to avoid biases in their writing or commentary, and I think it's a lazy way to critique. However, everyone has a favorite team, and if you're a real sports fan you can't leave that behind.

So in the interest of clarity, here are my biases:

Baseball: Favorite team is the Atlanta Braves. Loathe the NY Yankees and NY Mets. Most other teams I consider about the same.

College Football: UGA, then everyone else. Obviously I can't stand Florida, Tennessee or Georgia Tech. South Carolina might move up the enemies list too. Outside the southeast, I pretty much go by style of play.

Pro Football: Atlanta Falcons are favorite. I like the Eagles. I do not like the Cowboys.

Basketball: NBA - I suppose I'm a hometown Hawks fan, but I can probably be more objective about this league than any. College - UGA, recently become more of a UNC fan thanks to the General's girlfriend.

International Soccer: USA, USA, USA. Rooting ladder: USA, Republic of Ireland, England, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, African teams, smaller South and Central American teams, smaller European teams, France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, (now towards the bottom) Italy, Mexico, Argentina.

Club Soccer: Believe it or not, I don't really have favorites. Not a Man U or Real fan. Prefer smaller clubs generally (with some exceptions). There are slight preferences, but I change my mind a lot. No preference in MLS, but if they ever start using relegation, I'll pull for the newcomers.

Hockey: If they ever play again, Thrashers, but this is a lot like the NBA in that I don't care all that much and I don't have any teams I just hate.

I don't think it'll be possible for me to take these biases out of my posts (I don't think I should either - I'm not a professional or anything). But I also don't plan on writing the "Florida sucks, 'cause... uhh.. they suck" post either. The focus is on facts, numbers and history.