Saturday, February 12, 2005

Half Volleys

1. A few logical gaps in this Letter to Readers. So the AP poll is no longer part of the BCS equation, but voting in it would be creating the news... But voting for Hall of Fame Membership wouldn't... And columnists are paid to give opinions... but they're not supposed to... My head hurts. Furman Bisher still has enough clout, and Barnhart wants a cleaner email inbox.

2. The best player to commit to the hoop Dawgs since 'Nique ain't coming. Better than just sitting on that scholarship.

3. Can't see how this can be bad. Texas is praised across the board for their organization.

4. Donovan's article seems pretty pessimistic. I think the chances of signing Hudson are tied to Furcal and Andruw (even if Chipper agrees to re-work his deal). It's not like the Braves have never shelled out $ before. Over the next few years, there'll be several key players in the lineup with minimum, pre-arbitration contracts, and Smoltz will retire in year or so. Take away Furcal or Andruw (or just exchange either for less expensive alternatives) and there's room for Hudson.