Sunday, February 27, 2005

Movie, Bitch. Get out the way.

1. Finding Neverland: I had trouble getting into it (bad theatre experience, not the movie's fault). The Lady liked it lots. I didn't even know Julie Christie was in it, but she was pretty great. Johnny Depp was solid, per usual. For some reason I want to compare it to Big Fish, which I think I liked more. The jumps between reality and imagination aren't quite as seamless as they could've been. The young actors were excellent. It didn't move me as much as maybe I expected it to. Steak knife.

2. Ray: Jamie Foxx is really good. Since he's saturated the media leading up to the Oscars, I thought his performance might be a letdown, but it wasn't. The music is naturally fantastic. The direction is so-so. Hackford uses just about every type of gimmick edit except the starburst. But everytime I felt like the wheels were coming off, the film righted itself. One standout performance was Sharon Warren as Ray's mother. Simply outstanding in her first screen role.