Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Droopy Dog Watch

Three filings by the man whose Transitions Lenses never get clear.

First up, a puff piece on the Cubs. Nothing much here. One paragraph gets devoted to how great Joe Borowski is pitching. So naturally, Borowski comes up lame immediately. I wonder whether there's a Gammons Jinx. Every time he goes down on a player in his column, that player goes down too. Just ask Ken Griffey.

Next, a longer column with focus on the Giants and a bunch of quick hitters. Some highlights:

The opening paragraph introduces us to Szechuan Scout's wife, Annie (as in "ask any scout"). I'll leave the Bonds bashing to others. Peter focuses on the positive. I like the comment by Peter Magowan: "For us, depth is extremely important because we play so many games..." It totally sucks how MLB makes the Giants play 250 games while everyone else only has to play 162. Peter also gives some more love to Mike Matheney. Wonder why?

Quick Hits:
- Harden Hardon continues, with a reacharound to the rest of the A's staff.
- Gammons mentions the battle for the Astros fifth starter position. He's mentioned this before. I think this is really odd. I guess Peter has been doing some call in interviews with WGAF radio.
- More Texas Trade Rumors NOW, Bitch. WGAF again.
- Former Milwaukee Brewers now Hollywood Stars. WGAF Big time.

The third article (on the steroids hearings) I'll mention the one interesting point in the next post.