Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hawks Magic Number Watch

As before, this is the number of Hawks' losses and [other team's] wins needed for the Hawks to clinch the most ping pong balls in the Lottery.

The Hawks have 20 games left.

Charlotte: 20
New Orleans: 18
Golden State, Utah: 12
Portland: 9
Milwaukee: 7
Toronto, New York: 6
New Jersey, LA Clippers: 5
Philadelphia: 2
Indiana, Orlando: 1

The other 16 teams are eliminated from getting the most ping pong balls, and thus getting screwed by David Stern when the Knicks magically get the #1 pick.

On the other hand, the Magic Number for the Hawks to get eliminated from playoff contention is 2 (the number of Hawks' losses and Pacers' [or teams that pass the Pacers] wins. Technically speaking, they are already eliminated because teams ahead of them play each other multiple times, so one of them has to get a win.